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The Finest Neopolitan Coffee

Caffè Borbone is a Family company, that has grown through the years with a passionate devotion for coffee. A household name in Italy, It is part of the daily life of millions of Italians.

Caffè Borbone continues to be a source of innovation and inspiration, that focusses on new technologies to provide to the entire world the unique, and incomparable Neapolitan coffee

Nicoletta and chef Gennaro Contaldo

Nicoletta with World Famous Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo

Caffe Borbone
Borbone Miscela Blu

italian flag Miscela Blu

For the coffee lover who enjoys the quality of Arabica but also a small intense note of extraordinary. Balanced, full-bodied taste and creamy at the same time. Perfectly toasted to give you a unique delicate taste.

100 ESE Blue Pods
Price: £25 (inc VAT)

150 ESE Blue Pods
Price: £30 (inc VAT)

1 Kilo Blue Beans
Price: £14 (inc VAT)

Caffe Brobone
Borbone - Miscela Rossa

italian flag Miscela Rossa

Strong, decisive, full-bodied, sharp taste. This blend has a higher percentage of Robust composition. Just right to give you an energy boost. The ultimate expression of the Neapolitan tradition.

100 ESE Red Pods
Price: £25 (inc VAT)

1 Kilo Red Beans
Price: £13 (inc VAT)

Caffe Borbone
Caffe Borbone - Miscela Ora

italian flag Miscela Ora

100% Arabica beans for the true connoisseur. Mild, smooth and refined. Less caffeine with tones of sugar, fruit and berries. Delicious as an after dinner coffee.

100 ESE Gold Pods
Price: £27.50 (inc VAT)

1 Kilo Gold Beans
Price: £18 (inc VAT)

Caffe Borbone
Cafe Borbone Decaffeinato

italian flag Decaffeinato

Born to amaze. Thanks to Caffe Borbone’s technology, this blend retains cream, body, taste and the sweetness of the perfect espresso but….decaffeinated.

100 ESE Green Pods
Price: £27.50 (inc VAT)

1 Kilo Green Beans
Price: £18 (inc VAT)

Caffe Borbone Robusta

italian flag Robusta

Thanks to the well-balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta and the perfect degree of roasting, this is the blend for those who love the creaminess as much as the aroma when sipping from their coffee cup.

100 ESE Black Pods
Price: £27.50 (inc VAT)

1 Kilo Black Beans
Price: £15 (inc VAT)

Caffe Brobone

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