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The Barone Coffee Company was formed in 2015 by Greg Millichope and Nicoletta Caserta. Our goal was to provide the true taste of Italy and the very finest Italian coffee and coffee machines available.

Barone Coffee Cup

We our the “sole” UK distributor of Itay's leading Neapolitan coffee brand, Caffé Borbone and high quality Italian designed and manufactured Didesse coffee machines.

Barone Coffee Cup

With Headquarters located in Naples, Italy, Caffé Borbone is not only one of Italy’s leading Coffee brands but is readily available throughout Europe and as far as Australia….

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Benefiting from 3 generations of experience, Borbone pride themselves not only on their high-end quality coffee beans, but also the Didiesse coffee machines which are both designed and manufactured 100% in Italy giving the quality and assurance required for bespoke coffee.

Barone Coffee Cup

Keeping our selection simple, we focus on 4 key coffeebeans:-
•Gold – Premium blend, delicate taste, Arabica beans with the smoothest taste.
•Red – Strong, bold and aromatic.
•Blue – Smooth and refined! Your original espresso coffee!
•Green – Smooth and refined! Decaffeinated.

Barone Coffee Cup

To complement our range of coffee beans, we also provide the same high quality coffee in multiple ese coffee pods or capsules. With a proven track record as one of the finest coffees available in Italy, we are proud to now give UK coffee drinkers the opportunity to experience our flavours whether in a latte, espresso or Americano!

Greg and Nicoletta

Coffee Bar

‘La vita inizia dopo il caffé ’